An Automate RPA alternative with workflows.

Optimizing your organization’s operations and work processes should be simple.

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Capacity vs. Automate RPA

How does Capacity stack up?

Attended Automation
Code-Free Development
Drag-and-Drop UI
Integration into Third-Party Apps
Coming Soon!
Native HelpDesk
Process Builder
Unattended Automation

For every use case, a Workflow.

No matter the industry, no matter the department, Workflows will have an immediate impact on your teams’ productivity and your organization’s bottom line.

  • Welcome to the team.

    New team members come with stacks of paperwork and loads of questions. Workflows cut down on the paperwork and any confusion that may crop up along the way.

  • Loan processing with automated processes.

    Processing a loan entails accurately answering hordes of both customer and loan officer questions, all while meeting a multitude of regulatory requirements. Workflows will take the errors out of the process, keeping you compliant.

  • An RPA-powered customer experience.

    Not only will Capacity provide your clients with round-the-clock, tier 0 support, but it will also automatically onboard newly won leads to your exact specifications.

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